Certified vs Non-Certified Recycling

Certified vs Non-Certified Recycling 

The RGX Platform offers a direct path to both Certified and Non-Certified ITAD recyclers. With more and more companies being required to recycle responsibly, it can be difficult to understand what best. Below is a closer look at the current compliance rules to help you decide.

Certified Recycling 

Ideal for Customers that:

  • Require maximum return on electronics and data retaining devices
  • Require company and customer data is destroyed according to DOD/NIST standards
  • Need to ensure all applicable environmental laws are followed during the disposition

Compliance Covered in Each RGX Transaction

  1. Data destruction and security (DOD/NIST)  Review R2 Standard details on data destruction and security by clicking here.
  2. Insured and secure transport of equipment
  3. End-of-life to smelter transparency, reporting and tracking.
    • Review R2 Standard details on EOL smelter transparency, reporting and tracking by clicking here.
  4. Environmental protection
    • Review R2 Standard details on environmental protection here.
  5. Serial level reporting of reused items.
    • Review R2 Standard details here.
  6. Testing verification and reporting for all resold items.
    • Review R2 Standard details for testing verification and reporting here.
  7. Liability insurance.
    • Review R2 Standard insurance details here.
  8. Facility security and employee training.
    • Review R2 Standard facility security and employee training details here.

Non-Certified Recycling 

Ideal for Customers that:

  • Require maximum return on retired equipment or material but do NOT have environmental requirements for disposition
  • Examples: raw metals, plastics, wiring or any other electronic/infrastructure materials

Included in Each RGX Transaction

  1. Certificate of Completion (COC), and as needed a Certificate of Destruction(COD) or Certificate of Data Destruction (CODD)
  2. Final processed weight report for recycled material and financial detail settlement
  3. Vendor contact and pickup site details to track transportation and carbon usage
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