Customer and Vendor Code of Conduct

Users on the RGX platform must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to conduct business.  Striving to create an ecosystem of honesty, fair trade, and compliance enforcement; RGX has provided simple rules to follow:

General Conduct

  • All business transactions are to be conducted in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Transaction details are to be kept confidential between the parties involved.
  • Transact with honest and ethical behavior to promote trust and build a repeatable business.
  • When Users agree to work within the RGX platform for business and services it’s not to be circumvented.
  • Report any misuse or negligence by any party on the platform to

Customer Conduct

  • Be truthful and as accurate as possible when creating your SOW, refer to Customer Tips for guidance.
  • When preparing material for pick-up, neatly stack and wrap to avoid any damage.
  • Double-check that any sensitive data has been removed or ask RGX to assist through Green Glove Services.
  • Any discrepancies regarding “Material Inaccuracy”, or the SOW must be reported within (5) days to remedy.
  • Be aware of Compliance regulations so proper disposition requirements are handled by Certified Vendors, if unsure just ask!

Vendor Conduct

  • Maintain and provide RGX with current and accurate Company information (COI, Certifications, etc.)
  • Treat customer premise with respect and care when performing services. Be responsible!
  • When disposing of material adhere to all compliance and legal regulations.
  • Provide COD/CODD/COC in a timely manner as designated in the job details or by default, less than 30days.
  • Any discrepancies regarding “Material Inaccuracy” of the SOW must be reported within (5) days to remedy.
  • Provide payment, when deemed by SOW, in agreed-upon Net terms via check or wire.
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