How to Bid on Open Jobs

Bid Components

For most jobs, a vendor must enter either a bid to purchase or a provide a service charge. The only exception is for drop-off jobs.

  1. Are you bidding to purchase scrap?
  2. This is your minimum offer to buy scrap. Additional proceeds can be added when you close the job.
  3. There are two options when you bid to purchase:
    1. Option 1: Bid per pound
    2. Option 2: Bid All-In Scrap Purchase
  1. Is there a pickup charge or other service fee?
  2. This is your maximum expense. You can lower, but not raise, the fee at closing.
    1. Pickup jobs: You must add in your fee for this service.
    2. Drop-off jobs: Do not add a delivery charge. You can still charge a service fee if the material warrants.
      1. Example: A vendor added a charge to recycle a drop-off of only antennas.
  1. Site
  2. Select your location where the material will be delivered and processed.
  1. Point of Contact
  2. Provide the point of contact for the job from logistics to final offer.
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