Resale Process

If the customer indicates that resale is allowed, the following steps must be followed on the platform.

  1. Sorting and Processing (30-45 Days)
    1. Test and assess the functionality of each resale item.
    2. Wipe any data on the equipment to ensure customer privacy.
  2. Create Fair Market Offer:
    1. Create an inventory list detailing each resale item.
    2. Generate a fair market offer for resale equipment based on its condition and value.
  3. Close Awarded Job on RGX Platform:
    1. Complete the job close-out form for the associated job.
    2. Answer “Yes” to the question “Are you purchasing equipment.”
    3. Enter the amount in the “Purchase Offer” field.
    4. Upload the inventory of equipment to purchase.
  4. Customer Approval:
    1. Once you close out the job the customer will be notified that the job is ready for their approval.
    2. The customer will either accept or reject your purchase offer.
    3. The customer must accept before any sales can be executed

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Per the terms & conditions of the EULA, failure to conform to this policy may lead to fines and other consequences:

4(c)(xiii) “Vendor is not permitted to dispose of or sell any Disposal Materials without a valid SOW with the Customer, and RGX reserves the right to assess the Vendor an extra fee of up to $10,000 per Disposal Material item that a Vendor attempts to sell without the Customer’s prior written approval.”

Relevant R2v3 Standard Components

R2v3 “Appendix B – Data Sanitization”

(4) All markings associating a device with its previous user shall be removed or destroyed.

R2v3 “6. Sorting, Categorization, and Processing”

(d)(3): An R2 Facility shall not reuse, sell, or donate equipment or components prohibited by written and binding commercial agreements with those from whom the equipment or components were received. Equipment and components not allowed to be sold or donated for reuse shall conform to Core Requirement 7 for data security and Appendix E – Materials Recovery.

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