Technology Updates

June 2024 Release

This week RGX published another technology release with a number of enhancements for vendor accounts. 

Mark Jobs of Interest

While reviewing jobs open for bid, you can now give a “Thumbs Up” to jobs that you want to bid on, or a “Thumbs Down” if a job does not match your criteria. (In the screenshot to the right you will see that in the upper right corner.) All users for one company can see which jobs are identified as of interest or not of interest. This makes it easier to work as a team, with one user reviewing the jobs and another user placing the bids. 

Open Jobs List Update

The columns of the open jobs list view have changed slightly. The following are fields that are new, or slightly changed: 

  1.  Interest: This column will display if you, or a teammate, have given a job a “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down”. 
  2. Bid Status: This column now shows if your bid is pending, rejected, or inactive pending confirmation (see right for when this will occur).
  3. Active Bids Pending: This count here shows how the number of companies bidding on this job.
  4. Updated Date: This shows when the customer has last updated the job specifications.

Confirming or Editing Your Bid

Customers can now edit job details, even when there are pending bids. To protect our vendors, RGX has launched a process requiring vendors to confirm their bids when critical specifications have been changed or when new important information has been provided. If a customer edits the job details for a job you have bid on, the following will occur:

  1. Email notification 
    • You will receive an email with the subject lineAction Required: Changes to Job Details Require Bid Adjustment”. This email will include a list of all the job information that has changed.  
  2. Open jobs 
    • If you have a  bid pending confirmation, the open jobs list view will show your bid status as “Confirm Bid”.
  1. Job details page
    • The open jobs details page will highlight in blue any information that has changed since you placed your bid. Above the “Bid Overview” box you will see a banner notifying you that your bid is inactive pending confirmation. 
  2. Confirming or Editing your Bid
    • At the bottom of your pending bid you will see the options to delete your bid, edit the bid, or confirm your bid as currently displayed. 

Providing Feedback

We’re constantly looking to improve the RGX platform, and your feedback is invaluable. If you have any suggestions or comments about the new commodity report feature, please let us know.

You can provide feedback by reaching out to our support team at We review all input carefully and consider it for future updates.