Technology Updates

May 2024 Release

RGX is dedicated to continuously improving our technology to provide users with the best possible experience. This summer we have planned several new technology releases designed to enhance your experience with the platform.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming releases.

General vs. Customized Requirements

Customers can now require a general or customized commodity report for a load of equipment. This enhancement is designed for customers to give vendors greater clarity on reporting expectations during the bidding process.

  1. General Commodity Report
    This type of request will be used when a customer does not have a specific list of commodities they need to be reported. Instead, the vendor can provide a general commodity breakout based on their usual standards.
  2. Customized Commodity Report
    For more specific needs, customers can create a customized request. In this case, the customer will provide a template detailing the exact commodities they need to be reported, available for vendors to view on the open job.

Bidding on a Job Requiring a Commodity Report

When a customer requires a commodity report, the vendor must verify that they can comply with the customer’s requirements.

  1. General requests require a vendor to confirm “I can provide a commodity breakout.”
  2. When a customer needs a customized commodity report the vendor will need to verify “I can provide the required commodity report,” agreeing to the specified format. You can click the preview icon to see the template of the customized report. 

Closing a Job with a Required Commodity Report

The Job Close Out form includes a field to upload a commodity report for every job. If the customer requires a commodity report this field is required to close out the job.

If the customer has an online commodity report survey for you to complete, this field will display as a link. You must click the link and complete the customer-provided survey to close the job.

Providing Feedback

We’re constantly looking to improve the RGX platform, and your feedback is invaluable. If you have any suggestions or comments about the new commodity report feature, please let us know.

You can provide feedback by reaching out to our support team at We review all input carefully and consider it for future updates.