Born of a Desire to “Do Better”

by Stacey Carruth

If you ask RGX co-founders Sean Miles and Paul Logsdon to describe themselves, they wouldn’t say much.

“We’re just regular guys,” Sean and Paul say.

But what makes them special is not how ordinary they are, it’s how they choose to run the race – the rat race.

Sean is adamant that, “you can win by doing good and not cheating.” And Paul consistently reiterates, “I’ve always known that if I constantly try to improve and find solutions, something will come along.”

That something turned into Recycle Global Exchange (RGX).

Sean and Paul had worked together as executives in the ITAD industry overseeing projects involving both customers and vendors.

They saw the challenges of vendor management result in companies increasing carbon emissions and wasting money and resources by shipping eWaste across the country rather than using a local recycler.

Paul and Sean felt it wasn’t fair to the environment as well as to the smaller recyclers who took the time to get certified when they saw that only a handful of large recyclers were getting the eWaste loads.

“I knew I could get a better ROI to onboard all of them for [my current] customers but the system is set up to favor only a handful because of the administrative load to onboard simply one vendor,” Paul lamented as he puzzled over a solution.

Over the years, they kept talking to more and more small recyclers who begged for their business but who did not have the connections or marketing budget to claim the business of large corporations, even the ones right next door.

“I’ve done some pretty unique jobs that took a lot of mcgyvering to solve. So it just dawned on me one day that if I had software… I could do RGX!”

They reached out to other professionals and fine-tuned a solution to the inefficiencies they had uncovered.

As they reached out to the recycling vendors, some were concerned that RGX would be another competitor. But because of the trust built and maintained by the founders, they were able to see how RGX could connect them to more business rather than take it away.

The idea just kept getting better and better! RGX was a win for small recyclers and large recyclers, small businesses and large businesses, stakeholders and causes. More possibilities and benefits were still being discovered!

It was through the thick and thin of Sean and Paul’s “mcgyvering” that led to the official legal formation of Recycle Global Exchange in January 2019.

When speaking to Sean on how he feels about RGX, he’ll respond, “I’m doing good because everyone else around me is doing good!”

RGX was born from a desire to do better: do better for the environment, do better for local economies, do better for business.

Which is exactly what makes them extraordinary.