Modernizing the marketplace: RGX connects clients, recyclers

Published in E-Scrap News | August 4, 2022
by Marissa Heffernan


Sean Miles sees his marketplace platform as the glue between corporate customers and recyclers, a connection that could perhaps patch up a fragmented system.

“We are the first true marketplace for the industry that I’m aware of,” he told E-Scrap News. “There’s a lot of vendors and wholesale recyclers that built their own little portals for clientele, but we are completely neutral.”

Recycle Global Exchange (RGX) is an online platform that allows customers to submit project requests and then prompts e-scrap recyclers in the geographic area to submit competitive bids to take on the material.

Miles, CEO of RGX, said the mission is to decrease the transportation costs of processing electronics in both an economic and environmental sense; bolster smaller, local recyclers; increase diversity in the industry; and improve recycling rates.

“We enhance the solution rather than removing what you’ve got,” he said of the process.

He said so far, RGX has been able to find a certified recycler within 60 miles of most projects they’ve been given. Since larger companies sometimes ship their used electronics hundreds of miles to be processed, going next door reduces costs and emissions.

“It’s kind of winning all over,” Miles said. “You’re promoting local business, you’re reducing  environmental impact and trucking emissions and you get a ROI cost savings on logistics alone, and then along with competitive bidding.”

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