Privacy Policy

Effective Date: June 1, 2021
This is the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) for Recycle Global Exchange, LLC (“RGX” or “we” or “us” and the possessive “our”) whose headquarters is 834 S. Perry Street, Unit F, #337, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104. RGX values your privacy in your personal information and content that you store in our Website. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and made a part of the Recycle Global Exchange, LLC Terms of Service Agreement among us and the various “Users” (defined therein) (the “TOS”). Capitalized terms used, but not otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy have the meanings given to them in the TOS, including “Platform,” “Website,” and “Program,” which are used herein interchangeably. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain to our Users of the Program, as well as to visitors to our Website who are not Users (“Visitors”), what information about them, including Personal Information (defined below) we collect, store, use, and disclose, how we collect, store, use and disclose that information in order to give to you better tools to access, understand, and control, the collection, processing, use and sharing of your Personal Information.

Please read this Policy carefully. If you do not agree with anything contained in this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Website or Application or provide any information to us. By using our Platform, Website, or Application, you accept the terms of and consent to this Privacy Policy. This consent provides us with a legal basis to process your personal information. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

We reserve the right, at any time, and from time to time, to modify, update or revise this Privacy Policy. We will post those revisions to this Privacy Policy to our Website, and you will have the opportunity to consent to those modifications. You should review this Privacy Policy periodically so that you keep up to date on the most current versions and related practices and procedures.


RGX collects two overall types of data: 1) “User Data,” such as information provided by Customers and Vendors who use the Platform to connect regarding technology equipment and data recycling needs; and 2) “Visitor Data,” which is from visitors to its Website (whether or not they are also Users). This is an important distinction that will continually be made in this Privacy Policy, because the applicability of certain provisions, and additional contractual terms in the TOS between RGX and its Users, will depend on whether the data in question is either User Data, or Visitor Data.

RGX is a “Service Provider” to Users.  RGX provides the Program as a Service Provider to its Users, and as such, the TOS describes the business purposes for which RGX collects and processes User Data (such purposes, the “Service”). To allow RGX to provide the Service, and for Users to use the Platform, Applications, and other tools, RGX must collect and be permitted to disseminate User Data as further described in the TOS and this Privacy Policy.  As such, and to carry out the business purposes of its Users, Users agree that RGX may provide a User’s information to other Users of the RGX Program as well as third parties utilized by RGX to provide the Service, and that such disclosure do not constitute the sale of a User’s information. Such User information shared by RGX with other Users in fulfillment of the Users’ business purposes will include, but is not limited to, the User’s Personal Information (identifiable information about the User), and information about the User’s business that is entered by the User into the Program. The provisions in the TOS, in addition to applicable provisions of this Privacy Policy, govern and limit what RGX is authorized to do with such User Data.

RGX will never utilize User Data for any purpose other than: 1) as permitted by the TOS and this Privacy Policy; and/or 2) to the extent necessary to detect data security incidents, or protect against fraudulent or illegal activity. RGX will not sell your Personal Information to third parties, and will only disclose your information to third parties as provided in the TOS and this Privacy Policy.

RGX Users are Responsible for their own privacy compliance. RGX Users agree in the TOS to acknowledge their own compliance with applicable law in their collection of data from other Users and any third parties (including their own customers) who may directly or indirectly benefit from or be involved with the Program, and not to use any personal information collected from within the RGX Program for any purpose other than to facilitate their own use of the Program. The privacy policies and direct agreements between Users govern the rights of such Users as to the personal information they may provide to each other, whether within or outside of the RGX Program.


  1. The Types of Information That We Collect from Users. Throughout your use of our Program, we collect Personal Information about Users. The term “Personal Information” means any information that alone or with other information can be used to identify a User, directly or indirectly, such as by an identification number (e.g., social security number) or one or more factors specific to your identity (e.g., name, date of birth, biometric data, fingerprints, DNA, etc.).
    1. Information You Give Us. Throughout your use of our Program and Service as a User, you may provide us with Personal Information that we use to help provide you with service. Some of that information includes, but may not be limited to:
      • Your account login information;
      • Your name;
      • Your email address;
      • Your contact preferences;
      • Your passwords and other online identifiers;
      • Your telephone numbers;
      • Your address and zip code;
      • The status of a User or the User’s business as a veteran, female, or minority-owned business (as applicable).
    1. Payment Information. If you make payments to us or third parties, through us, then you may provide us with certain financial information (like your bank account or credit card information, payment instrument and expiration date, payment amount, and other transaction details) to process payments, which we may provide to third party payment processors.
    2. Other Information. You may also provide additional information in the course of using our Platform and other Applications that are part of the Program, which may or may not constitute Personal Information, including:
      • Behavioral or demographic attributes;
      • Biometric data (including photos);
      • Transactional data based on past purchase behavior;
      • Data from opt-in lists, consumer surveys, and publicly available information;
      • Unique Id’s such as cookies placed on a computer or device;
      • Internet Protocol address (“IP Address”);
      • Information derived from the IP Address or mobile devices, such as GPS, and location services;
      • Behavioral data regarding your device or Website usage, such as advertisements clicked, Websites and content areas accessed, search histories and activities logs;
      • Any User Content (defined in the TOS) that you own or control; and
      • Information you provide, at your option.
    1. Information We Automatically Collect from Your Use of the Platform and/or Website.  When you use our Program, we automatically collect personal information about how you use our Platform to help us comply with legal obligations and improve the functionality of our Platform. Visitors to the Website may also have certain personal information tracked and collected.  Such information may include:
      • Geo-location Information. We may collect information about your location as determined through data such as your IP address or mobile device’s GPS and location services, which we may receive, even when you are not using the Program. Most mobile devices allow you to control or disable the use of location services for applications in the device’s settings menu.
      • Usage Information. We collect information about your interactions with our Platform such as the pages or content you view, your searches, and other actions.
      • Log Data and Device Information. We collect log data and device information when you access and use the Platform. That information includes, among other things: details about how you’ve used the Platform (including if you clicked on links to third party applications), IP address, access dates and times, hardware and software information, device information, and unique identifiers.
      • Cookies and Similar Technologies. We use cookies, web beacons, pixels, browser analysis tools, server logs, mobile identifiers, and similar technologies when you use our Platform, Website or Application. These technologies allow us to collect information by automated means. In many cases this information is collected using cookies without reference to Personal Information, and in other cases, the information is associated with your Personal Information. Our business partners may also use these tracking technologies on their or our behalf. Cookies and similar technologies are described in greater detail in “How We Collect Your Personal Information” below.
    1. Children’s Data. Our Websites and Applications are not directed toward children under 16 and we do not knowingly collect any personal information directly from children under 16. If you believe that we are processing personal information about a child inappropriately, please contact us using the information provided under the “Contact Us” section below.
    2. Public Information.  Information that we obtain from public sources.

  1. How we collect Personal Information. We collect information from you in the following ways:
    1. Usage Information. Some Personal Information is obtained from a User’s use of the Platform, such as when you create an Account, log in, fill in forms, respond to surveys, complete orders, bids, and acceptances, or provide feedback. We may also ask you to provide us with some additional information that will be publicly visible on our sites, such as profile pictures, avatars, a name, or other useful identifying information.
    2. Cookies and related tracking technologies. As noted above, our Website uses Cookies, which are used for both Visitors and Users. Cookies are text or data files on your computer that help identify you and collect internet log information and visitor behavior. Cookies help you navigate among pages efficiently, and improve user experience and help us, among other things, remember your preferences, measure activity and create statistical reports on website activity. You may choose to set your internet browser to reject cookies or manually delete cookies on your computer. We also provide you the option to accept or reject cookies when you visit our Website. However, if you refuse or delete cookies, it may impact your ability to use certain features of our Website.  You may learn more about cookies at
      • Our Cookie Policy for Users and Visitors.
        • Types of Cookies. Some examples of cookies that we may use on our Website include:
          • Session cookies. Cookies to enable users to navigate our Website and use its features more efficiently.
          • Performance cookies. Cookies that allow us to identify popular areas and features, count visits to our Website, and aggregate anonymous user website behavior to improve how the Website works.
          • Functionality cookies. Cookies to help remember choices you make and provide enhanced, personal features to improve your user experience.
          • Targeting cookies. Cookies that are used for web analytics purposes on an aggregated and anonymous basis.
        • Managing cookies.
          • Many website browsers are set to accept cookies, but you can change your browser settings to reject cookies. However, if you choose to disable receipt of cookies from our Website, you may not be able to use certain features of the site and have impaired functionality. Visit to learn about how to delete and control cookies using the mail browser types.
          • Do Not Track Signals. While you may disable the usage of cookies through your browser settings, our Website currently does not respond to “Do Not Track” signal requests from your browser or mobile application and we do not honor “Do Not Track” requests.
    1. Web Server Logs. Web server logs are activity records created when a User or Visitor visits web pages, such as search terms you enter, device information and identifiers, information about your browser, IP address, access times, and pages viewed.
    2. Web Beacons. Web Beacons are electronic files that allow us to recognize and count Users and/or Visitors who have visited the Website and can be used to determine responses and response rates to our communications.
    3. Third-Party Data Sources. We may also receive marketing information from third parties that include information collected from online and offline sources. We may collect information that other Users provide about you when they use our Platform.
    4. Device Information and Location Information. We collect information from and about the devices used by Users and/or Visitors, such as your location, your hardware and software, operating system, device memory, advertising identifiers, unique application identifiers, apps installed, browser type, language, time zone; device sensor information (such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, microphones, and wireless and mobile network information). We may ask for permission to collect images and other information from your device’s camera.
    5. Social Networking Sites. If you log into a User Account using shared sign-in services, such as Facebook or Google, you authorize us to access certain information about you from that social networking site, such as your user profile, friend list and profile picture.

  1. How We Use Personal Information We Collect. As explained above, we only use your Personal Information to provide the Platform and Service to you, subject to applicable data protection laws.
    1. General Uses. In addition, both Users and Visitors (as applicable) agree that we are entitled to obtain, use, and process the Personal Information and other information you provide to us or is otherwise collected as provided above to enable us to discharge the Services and for other related purposes, including:
      • To operate and improve our Services; such as, to:
        • enable your access to and use of the Platform;
        • understand your preferences to enhance your user experience;
        • respond to your feedback and provide customer service;
        • communicate with you about products, services, announcements, and marketing materials;
        • send you related information and administrative messages;
        • create profile and Account information for you;
        • track and analyze activity on our Website;
        • update and enhance our records;
        • respond to your requests for assistance;
        • personalize our services;
        • perform analytics and conduct research;
        • send you service messages, updates, alerts, and notifications;
      • To comply with law and enforce contractual obligations, such as to:
        • carry out credit checks, background checks and crime and fraud prevention and legal and regulatory compliance;
        • enforce the TOS, Terms (defined in the TOS) and other legal and contractual obligations and policies;
        • detect and prevent fraud, spam, abuse, security incidents, and other harmful activity;
        • conduct security investigations and risk assessments;
        • verify or authenticate information;
        • conduct checks against information sources, including background or police checks, to the extent permitted by applicable laws;
        • comply with our legal obligations; and
        • resolve disputes among Users and third parties.
      • Provide, Personalize, Measure, and Improve our Advertising and Marketing, such as to:
        • Send you promotional messages, marketing, advertising, and other information that may be of interest to you based on your preferences (including information about our partner campaigns and services) and social media advertising through social media platforms,
        • Personalize, measure, and improve our advertising, and
        • Administer referral programs, rewards, surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or other promotional activities or events
    1. Profiling. We may analyze the Personal Information of Users to create a profile of a User’s interests and preferences so that we can contact you with products and service information that we think may be of interest to you in relation to the Services, to process transactions, send you confirmations and receipts, monitor usage and performance of the Website and Application, and generally perform the functions set out above. Such profiling will be for RGX’s use only in facilitation of the Services, and shall not be provided to third parties, other than in support of RGX’s business purposes.
    2. User Content. The Platform allows you to communicate with other Users and supply or post “User Content,” which means data, orders, bids, acceptances, communications, videos, images, sounds and all the material, data and information that you upload or transmit through the Platform, or that Other Users upload or transmit, including comments you may make about their content. The User Content you create remains yours; however, by sharing User Content through the Platform, you agree to allow RGX and other Users to view, edit, copy and/or share your User Content. We have the right (but not the obligation) in our sole discretion to remove any User Content. Once your Account is terminated or your rights to use the Service is terminated, you will not be given any rights to view or access any User Content and there may be no way to delete or retrieve User Content once it has been shared. You agree not to enter the Personal Information of third parties into the Program except to the extent you have the lawful right to do so, including, but not limited to, having obtained the authorizations and consents of such third parties. As a User you agree to accept full responsibility for, and fully indemnify and hold RGX harmless from, any third party claims for infringement of privacy and/or intellectual property rights that arise out of your entry of content into the Program.

  1. How We Share Information. We share or disclose your Personal Information in the following situations:
    1. With Other Users. We may share your profile information and User Content as well as any additional information you have authorized us to share with other Users of our Platform.
    2. With Our Affiliates. We may share information with other entities within the RGX family of companies.
    3. With Third Parties. We may share your information with the following third parties:
      • With Service Providers. We may share information about you with our employees, contractors and third-party service providers who have a need to access this information to assist us in providing the Service or who perform services on our behalf.
      • With Business Partners. We may share information about you with business partners that provide services and functionality. Our Platform may also contain third-party links and search results, include third-party integrations, or offer a co-branded or third-party-branded services. RGX is not responsible for the content and/or collection of data at websites other than the RGX Website, regardless of any other website being linked to or from the RGX Website. You agree to review the applicable privacy policies of any websites linked from the RGX Program and/or Website to assess your rights under such policies.
      • With Third Parties as Part of a Merger or Acquisition. If we become involved in a merger, asset sale, financing, liquidation or bankruptcy, or acquisition of all or some portion of our business to another Company, we may share your information with that company before and after the transaction closes.
      • With Third Parties For Marketing. We may share information about you with third party providers for their provision of products or services, but only to the extent such are provided as part of the Program. We also may use your information to send you email marketing, direct mail marketing and other marketing of our products and services (and those of our partners as used within the Program). We may let other companies, on our behalf, and for the purposes provided herein, use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect information about how you use our Services over time. This information may be used to, among other things, analyze and track data, determine the popularity of certain content, and better understand your online activity as it relates to your use of the RGX Program. Additionally, some companies we use in support of the RGX Program, may use information collected to measure the performance of ads and deliver more relevant ads on our behalf.However, you have choices regarding the promotional messages that you choose to receive. You can limit the information you provide to us. Participation in promotions and marketing programs is voluntary. You can opt-out of marketing emails, by clicking the link labeled “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any marketing email we send you.  Visitors can opt-out of certain Cookies by clicking on the banner used on the Website that allows them to do so.  Please note that even if you opt-out of marketing communications, we may still need to contact you with important transactional information about your User Account.
      • With Third Parties for Legal Reasons. In addition, we may share information about you if we reasonably believe that disclosing the information is needed to (a) comply with any valid legal process, governmental request, or applicable law, rule, or regulation; (b) investigate, remedy, or enforce potential contract violations; (c) protect the rights, property, and safety of us, our users, or others; (d) detect and resolve any fraud or security concerns; or (e) respond to claims by third parties that your User Content violates their rights (including their intellectual property rights). We reserve the right to cooperate fully with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity or other information of anyone. We reserve the right to take any and all appropriate legal action, including referrals to law enforcement agencies. You waive and hold us and our affiliates, licensees, licensors and service providers harmless from any claims resulting from any action taken by any of them during, or because of investigations or legal process.You acknowledge and agree that when your information is shared with third parties, we are not responsible for how those third parties collect or use your data. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of every third-party service that you visit or use, including those third parties you interact with through our services.
    1. Aggregated Data. We may also share aggregated information (information about our Users that we anonymize and combine to no longer identify or reference an individual user) for regulatory compliance, industry and market analysis, research, demographic profiling, marketing and advertising, and other business purposes.

  1. How We Protect Your Information. We use a combination of administrative, physical, and technical tools and security procedures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access to, erroneous disclosure of, loss or destruction of, or unlawful interception of Personal Information. Our computer systems utilize industry-standard security measures designed to prevent unauthorized access. Some of the safeguards we use to protect your information are firewalls and data encryption, and information access controls. However, no security system is perfect, and we cannot promise, and you shall not expect, that your Personal Information will remain secure in all circumstances. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of information you transmit to us or your User Content or that unauthorized access to or manipulation of it can be prevented, and you do so at your own risk. You are responsible for keeping your passwords confidential and not sharing them with anyone. Further, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Information will not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed as a result of an attack to our systems or as a result of any other event beyond our reasonable control. To avoid doubt, we expressly and to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaim any representation or warranty, whether express or implied, with respect to ensuring, guaranteeing or otherwise offering any definitive promise of security in connection with your Personal Information or User Content.
  2. How Long We Keep Your Information. We store your Personal Information until you terminate your Account with us. If you decide to stop using the Service, we must retain certain Personal Information for as long as is necessary to perform contracts between you and us and to comply with our legal obligations, data backup, or reporting requirements, as well as to allow its continued use by other Users with whom you have engaged via the Program, in accordance with the TOS. We may also retain some of your Personal Information as necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud detection and prevention and enhancing safety. Please note, however, that User Content that you have shared with others may continue to be publicly visible on the Platform, even after your Account is terminated. Additionally, some copies of your information (e.g., log records) may remain in our database.
  3. Not Intended for Use in Europe. We control and operate the Website and other aspects of the Program from the United States, and the Program is not marketed to, intended to be utilized by, nor intended to be subject to the laws or jurisdiction of any country or territory in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA). Other than as provided herein, RGX does not represent or warrant that the Website, Platform or Applications are appropriate for use in the EU/EEA, and those who choose to access the Program or use our Service from the EU/EEA do so at their own initiative and are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. The interpretation and enforcement of this Policy shall not be governed by the rules and regulations applicable to the EU/EEA.
  4. Responding to Consumer Requests. Should RGX receive a request to know or a request to delete from a consumer (or other similar request) regarding Personal Information contained in the User Data which RGX collects and maintains on behalf of its User(s), RGX will defer its response to such request to the applicable User(s) (if any) so that the User can carry out appropriate verification of the request, assessment, and resulting actions with respect to all of the requestor’s Personal Information (and not just that portion maintained or processed by RGX).  In compliance with applicable law, RGX will inform the requestor that it should submit any such request directly to the business on whose behalf RGX processes the information (if any) and, when feasible, provide the requestor with contact information for that customer.
  5. Contacting Us. To contact us for any reason regarding your information, you can contact us at:

Recycle Global Exchange, LLC
834 S. Perry Street, Unit F, #337
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
or by email at:

  1. International Concerns. The Platform, Website and Application are hosted in the United States of America. If you reside in a country outside the U.S.A., that country’s data collection, use and sharing laws may differ from U.S. law and any Personal Information that you provide to us may be transferred to the U.S.A., subject to applicable law. By providing your Personal Information, you hereby specifically and expressly agree and consent to such transfer and processing and the collection, use, and sharing set forth in this Privacy Policy or any term of use relating to the use of the Website and Application.
  2. Revisions to This Policy. We reserve the right to revise, amend, or modify this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service, and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner, by updating and posting the revised Privacy Policy or TOS. If you are a User, we will provide you with notice of any material changes to these policies and terms. Your use of this Website and/or the Program following such notice constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of their changes.
  3. Miscellaneous. If any part of the Privacy Policy is determined to be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the Privacy Policy shall continue in force and effect.
  4. Dispute Resolution. Any disputes or claims regarding or arising out of this Privacy Policy, or the enforcement or interpretation of this Privacy Policy will be subject to dispute resolution procedures and rights set forth in the TOS.

This Privacy Policy was last updated as of June 1, 2021.
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