RGX and AT&T Team up to Recycle Devices, Transform Lives

This April, AT&T and RGX are making it easy for you to do good for the environment and your community. The program Recycling Devices, Transforming Lives, encourages customers to bring in unused devices for responsible recycling and repurposing.

During the pilot program in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, and Seattle, you can recycle your old phones, tablets, and laptops smartly. Our partnership with AT&T offers convenient recycling, helps bridge the digital divide, lowers your carbon footprint, and provides a financial return.

“At RGX, we’re thrilled to celebrate Earth Month alongside environmentally conscious companies like AT&T,” said RGX CEO Sean Miles. “Through our partnership, we’re empowering individuals to participate in a circular economy for electronics. By responsibly recycling your old devices, consumers can help minimize e-waste, free up space, and avoid unnecessary shipping emissions. Every device we process together contributes to a healthier planet.” 

Why Recycle Your Devices?

E-waste, or discarded electronics, is a growing problem. Landfills are overflowing with old phones, tablets, and laptops, which contain valuable materials and toxic substances. Proper recycling keeps these materials out of landfills, reducing pollution and resource use.