RGX Joins Forces with Fluid Truck

RGX and Fluid Truck, the commercial truck rental platform, are coming together to reduce the environmental impact of electronic disposal. The partnership pairs local sustainable e-waste vendors on the RGX platform with Fluid Truck’s emission-free electronic vehicles (EVs) for zero-emission transportation.

E-waste is a rapidly growing problem in Colorado and beyond. In 2022 nearly 59 million metric tonnes (MT) were generated, outweighing the Great Wall of China. According to the UN Global E-Waste Monitor, this is estimated to grow to 74 MT by 2030. Less than 15% was responsibly recycled. To address this challenge, RGX makes it easy for businesses to dispose of IT assets sustainably, connecting them to localized vendors on one neutral, easy-to-use platform.

To further simplify logistics, RGX customers and vendors will now have access to discounted rates on Fluid Truck’s commercial vehicles from EVs, to box trucks, to cargo vans, and more.

RGX and Fluid Trucks Connecting for a Greener FuturePaul Logsdon, RGX COO and co-Founder, used a Fluid vehicle to pilot the partnership.

“We recently had a few smaller recycling opportunities in the heart of downtown Austin,” Logsdon explains, “and quickly realized our vendor’s box truck was overkill and would be a nightmare to park. We solved this problem by using a Fluid Truck van for a two-hour block of time.  It couldn’t have been easier to reserve, find, use, and return the vehicle.”

Fluid Truck’s electric trucks are available in Denver, pairing environmentally sustainable electronic disposal with zero-emission logistics. Outside these markets, Fluid will offer alternative local vehicles for material pickup or dropoff at a discounted rate.

“Sustainability is at the core of our business, and we’re excited to launch this partnership which will reduce eWaste and its associated impacts for so many Colorado businesses and beyond,” said James Eberhard, CEO and Founder of Fluid Truck.

“RGX and Fluid are Denver-based members of the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) and James and I are long-term friends, so partnering on this sustainable solution was a natural step for us. It’s exciting that our companies are working together to focus on reducing environmental impact initiatives,” said Sean Miles, RGX CEO and co-Founder.