RGX Solution

The RGX marketplace connects businesses directly with local, certified vendors to dispose of e-waste responsibly and efficiently. Our process decreases carbon footprints and increases ROI with competitive bidding and resource management.


Correcting E-Waste Inefficiencies with Digital Transformation

RGX offers the first fully automated, end-to-end solution for e-waste that allows customers and vendors to manage all e-waste transactions in one easy-to-use platform.

Increased Efficiency

Documentation and Records

Competitive Pricing

Green Approach

Green Glove Services

Our Green Glove Services deliver unmatched results with the promise of safe, compliant disposal that minimizes environmental impact.

RGX platform preview

Data Destruction

Secure, on-site DoD level data destruction to the highest compliance standards (R2, NIST, and more)

Inventory Audits

On-site inventory captures equipment details plus unique identifiers and quantity to achieve highest bid accuracy

Packaging and Preparation

Compliant standard packing services performed on-site to ensure environmental regulations and safe transport


Equipment removal from facilities, co-locations, data centers and retail spaces

Online Exchange Platform

The RGX Platform has extensive features, making it easy to post and bid on jobs and manage your e-waste needs from start to finish.

Competitive Bidding

Customers get the best pricing. Vendors gain access to new jobs with fair bidding.

Local Vendors

RGX expands the vendor network, giving customers access to more options and providing more jobs to local e-waste processors.


Spend less managing e-waste needs, decrease manual processes and increase your return on investment.

One to Many

Gain access to hundreds of e-waste customers and vendors so you have the choices you deserve

Compliance Records

The RGX platform stores your transactional information so you can easily review and access your job history.

Documentation Storage

Store your Certificate of Destruction (COD) and other documentation all in one place for easy access anytime, anywhere.

Job Transaction Vault

Encrypted security keeps your transactions safe and secure.

Monitoring Services

Upon request, RGX expert staff can review transactions and vendor processes.

Promoting Certified Vendors

RGX advocates for vendors to follow proper process, documentation and disposition, aligned with industry standards.

Certification Matters

Choosing a certified vendor is the best way to ensure you are recycling responsibly. Certified vendors are required to maintain the following:

Proof of data destruction compliance standards (NAID, NIST, R2)

Environmental and Transportation insurance

Records tracking the disposition of all equipment from start to finish

Verify EH&S (Environmental Health and Safety) Program

RGX Green Check Program

(Coming Soon)

RGX is establishing a program to verify vendor compliance to enhance the customer experience. Our unique program ensures customers get the highest level of satisfaction and compliance for e-waste.


Proof of data destruction compliance standards (NAID, NIST, R2)

Green Check vendors will verify that your data is properly handled


Highest Level of Conducted Business and Disposition

Our expert review will validate the best levels of industry service


Checks and Balances

RGX will monitor vendor status so you can be sure you stay compliant

Program Qualifications

Our “Green Check” will be an internal verification on compliance standards.


To qualify:

  • Vendors must be in good standing with the governing body they are certified. R2 or eSteward Members and open to possibly being audited by the RGX team to validate process adherence to their current Compliance Certification.
  • Member must be actively participating in RGX opportunities with deliverance to timeline and financial commitments as agreed to on the RGX platform.
  • Maintain a full company profile, active website and email address.
  • Establish a 90-day proven membership history on the RGX platform.