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Users on the RGX platform must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to conduct business.  Striving to create an ecosystem of honesty, fair trade, and compliance enforcement; RGX has provided simple rules to follow:

General Conduct

  • All business transactions are to be conducted in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Transaction details are to be kept confidential between the parties involved.
  • Transact with honest and ethical behavior to promote trust and build a repeatable business.
  • When Users agree to work within the RGX platform for business and services it’s not to be circumvented.
  • Report any misuse or negligence by any party on the platform to

Customer Conduct

  • Be truthful and as accurate as possible when creating your SOW, refer to Customer Tips for guidance.
  • When preparing material for pick-up, neatly stack and wrap to avoid any damage.
  • Double-check that any sensitive data has been removed or ask RGX to assist through Green Glove Services.
  • Any discrepancies regarding “Material Inaccuracy”, or the SOW must be reported within (5) days to remedy.
  • Be aware of Compliance regulations so proper disposition requirements are handled by Certified Vendors, if unsure just ask!

Vendor Conduct

  • Maintain and provide RGX with current and accurate Company information (COI, Certifications, etc.)
  • Treat customer premise with respect and care when performing services. Be responsible!
  • When disposing of material adhere to all compliance and legal regulations.
  • Provide COD/CODD/COC in a timely manner as designated in the job details or by default, less than 30days.
  • Any discrepancies regarding “Material Inaccuracy” of the SOW must be reported within (5) days to remedy.
  • Provide payment, when deemed by SOW, in agreed-upon Net terms via check or wire.

A good Job name draws attention quicker.  RGX always assigns a job number, but a good title will get more eyes on it and competitive bids.  Here is an example:

Good:  IT Equipment for Sale

Better: 2 pallets of laptops, routers, and servers

The saying “there is never too much information” is true on these listings.  List out the job requirements as much as needed on the provided area, or you can list them on an attachment for a vendor to review before bidding. The better the detail, the easier the process!

Vendors love pictures, the more images you can provide on the equipment, the location and the work needed will help a vendor provide as best of an accurate offer.

It’s typical to want everything done yesterday when listing an SOW.  Keep in mind vendors are busy as well, unless it’s urgent don’t list the project bidding for only 48hrs if the project doesn’t need to be done for 3 weeks. Typical time frames are 5-7 days pending the amount of equipment and SOW details.

RGX is a true market machine, it will provide you with multiple offers from all vendors to compare and will always provide valuable feedback. Going in open-minded will provide education and awareness the more you utilize RGX. You will see items that you thought to have value not recoup much but you will also have value appear on items you weren’t expecting….so stay positive and trust the process!

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)      

  • Electronic products or material designated to be recycled or reused


  • Information Technology Asset Disposition: the process for IT equipment management


  • Scope of Work: the digital copy of the job/project/transaction details


  • Certificate of Destruction: Certified document verifying an item has been destroyed


  • Certificate of Data Destruction: Certified document identifying the product which has had all Data Destroyed from it


  • Certificate of Completion: a certified document stating completion of the SOW


  • Green-House Gasses:  Environmentally impacting gasses emitted from transportation, electricity and heat.

Certified vs Non-Certified Recycling 

The RGX Platform offers a direct path to both Certified and Non-Certified ITAD recyclers. With more and more companies being required to recycle responsibly, it can be difficult to understand what best. Below is a closer look at the current compliance rules to help you decide.

Certified Recycling 

Ideal for Customers that:

  • Require maximum return on electronics and data retaining devices
  • Require company and customer data is destroyed according to DOD/NIST standards
  • Need to ensure all applicable environmental laws are followed during the disposition 

Compliance Covered in Each RGX Transaction

  1. Data destruction and security (DOD/NIST)  Review R2 Standard details on data destruction and security by clicking here.
  2. Insured and secure transport of equipment
  3. End-of-life to smelter transparency, reporting and tracking. 
    • Review R2 Standard details on EOL smelter transparency, reporting and tracking by clicking here.
  4. Environmental protection 
    • Review R2 Standard details on environmental protection here.
  5. Serial level reporting of reused items. 
    • Review R2 Standard details here.
  6. Testing verification and reporting for all resold items. 
    • Review R2 Standard details for testing verification and reporting here.
  7. Liability insurance. 
    • Review R2 Standard insurance details here.
  8. Facility security and employee training. 
    • Review R2 Standard facility security and employee training details here.

Non-Certified Recycling 

Ideal for Customers that:

  • Require maximum return on retired equipment or material but do NOT have environmental requirements for disposition
  • Examples: raw metals, plastics, wiring or any other electronic/infrastructure materials 

Included in Each RGX Transaction

  1. Certificate of Completion (COC), and as needed a Certificate of Destruction(COD) or Certificate of Data Destruction (CODD)  
  2. Final processed weight report for recycled material and financial detail settlement
  3. Vendor contact and pickup site details to track transportation and carbon usage

Reference Sites for Compliance and Regulation Standards (R2 Standard site) (e-Steward Standard) (Secure data destruction practices)  (IT asset training in asset management) (National Institute of Standards and Technology) (Environmental Protection Agency)

The first platform developed for centralized management with automation. The digital experience offers a neutral environment promoting Local Competitive Bidding, convenient security, and the highest ROI. You drive the deal and we support the process.

RGX has defined the classifications to help categorize transactions: 

Network (i.e. router, switches, computers, servers)

Mobility (i.e. cell phones, tablets, hotspots)

Infrastructure (i.e. generators, HVAC, ladder racks, telco bays)

Raw Material (i.e. cable, metal, plastics)

Other (i.e. printers, machinery, furniture)

If you have a question regarding material or equipment, just ask!

There are so many definitions out there for what RGX covers.  We used E-Waste as a reference to a conglomerate of definitions but Information Technology Assets (ITAD) is our main focus.  Other terminology can be used as computer recycling, scrap material, recycling, asset recovery, recycle/re-use of electronics…if you are unsure if your item will work on our platform…just ask!

1). Create account 

2). Create your project 

3). Vendors will provide bids 

4). Award the best offer that fits the job 

5). Closeout deal and REPEAT!

RGX is available to assist with account and transaction support.

The RGX platform is continually growing with features and requires continual maintenance. In order to support RGX growth, there are basic fees. A small membership fee (based on user and volume) and a transaction fee (small %).Custom work and a la carte features are additionally priced out items when needed.

Each SOW is unique but follows the same process. 

  1.  The client must provide accurate details on the material offered and services needed.
  2. The Vendor must be able to confirm the ability to perform services and material with purchase offer. 
  3. The transaction needs to be completed and accepted by both parties on the detail of the work and the payment details. The project is closed and the document then stored in both parties’ accounts.

RGX can support a solution to all organizations. In order to best serve customers’, we suggest at least a pallet worth of equipment to dispose of whether it’s pure recycling or resell. RGX strives to be environmentally conscious with planning for one trip rather than multiple. Help is always available with any project, just let RGX assist in planning the best strategy that meets requirements, reduce carbon footprint and provides the best financial outcomes.

RGX monitors and manages vendors to their compliance requirements, customer requirements and to the Terms and Conditions of Transaction required acceptance criteria.

With our growing network of vendors, you should expect multiple offers.  However, the best match will be dependent on the SOW, the location and vendor qualifications.  We provide tips on our support page for listing which helps attract the vendors. 

RGX is a continuously growing machine with respect to onboarding vendors.  The categories of vendors include Recyclers and Resellers (certified and non-certified.)  These vendors are located everywhere and provide a local bidding solution along with service and logistical capabilities. RGX also has Logistics and Service options, if needed.

The more information provided the better the offer, if you are unable to provide the information, RGX can assist by providing any Green Glove Services or just ask!

If the project has been put out to bid and not received offers a customer can cancel without penalty.  Amendments to SOW can be pushed by canceling or creating a new SOW and is available for guidance anytime.

By means of Green Glove Services, RGX can enable and coordinate a vendor to perform Data Destruction services as governed by current compliant standards (R2, NIST, DoD ext.…). This service can be performed on or offsite as part of the SOW.

Through the platform you will be able to pick your vendor and logistics will be quoted in the vendor offers. RGX strives to provide local vendor results to reduce carbon emissions, typically most vendors are willing to include the pick-up of equipment at no charge, varying circumstances.

For any shipping solution support, please contact

RGX works with all sorts of vendors.  Dependent on the Customer requirements and SOW created, the correct vendors will be matched to the requirement for the award. Vendors are filtered by certification, industry best practices and adherence to RGX’s Terms and Conditions of a Transaction.

Upon an award to the vendor, both parties will be introduced to arrange the job details. The information provided will be shared and recorded on the RGX platform for easy reference during and after the transaction.

Based on the RGX Green Glove Services program, the vendor is filtered by those services in which they can perform as requested in the SOW.

Since RGX is connecting the Vendor to the Customer directly there should be communication between the two parties to coordinate time, materials, work performed all on the SOW process.  If these are missed or not followed, RGX has a dispute option to help rectify a situation.

Every job has different circumstances, if something doesn’t go right contact RGX through the dispute mechanism or to work out a solution.

RGX provides the ability for a Customer to list anything that falls within the E-Waste classifications at any quantity.  Not all assets or quantities will provide a return.  Depending on the material and services identified in the SOW, a customer may receive offers from a vendor to payout rather than be paid.

Vendors are required to pay RGX on a specific time frame after completion of a job.  RGX makes 1 payment per month to the client based on one job or multiple jobs detailing out the proceeds per the SOW.

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