An Automated Platform for Electronic Waste Vendors

Join the exchange and become an RGX vendor. As a vendor, you will gain access to more potential jobs and customers, plus other unparalleled benefits

RGX Expanded Customer Pool

Automated, Standardized, Digital Solution

No more paperwork and manual bidding processes. Join RGX as a vendor and take advantage of our easy-to-use online interface.


Direct Access to More Premium Customers

Expand your network of customers as an RGX vendor and reach premium companies looking for e-waste providers.


Easy to Use Platform

The RGX platform is a simple solution where you can bid on jobs, receive/understand all job details and manage your customers.

additional revenue

Additional Revenue Stream and New Business

Generate more revenue by reaching new customers, bidding on more jobs and enhancing the overall way you do business.

The RGX Platform

The RGX solution provides vendors with extensive features and benefits, making e-waste customer management easier and more efficient.

  • Manage Your Jobs all in One Centralized Location
  • Access to Multiple Jobs at Once
  • Data Warehousing for Compliance Auditing
  • Two-way Financial Processing (Pay Customer or Vendor)
  • Business Profile Management (sites and users)

RGX Vendors

RGX allows certified and non-certified vendors on the platform, and we encourage both recycling and reuse of electronic waste. Our goal is to connect customers with local vendors to provide extensive options for e-waste needs and give vendors the opportunity to expand their customer base and increase revenue. Our vendors adhere to the highest standards and provide customers with premium customer service.

RGX Vendor Code of Conduct

RGX is working hard to establish higher levels of standards in the e-waste industry. Not only do we ask both our customers and vendors to follow our Code of Conduct, but we also work hard to help vendors achieve the RGX Green Check (coming soon!) and meet standards that go above and beyond.

RGX Membership

RGX vendors get more than just access to additional jobs and customers. By becoming a member of RGX, vendors also receive additional support and guidance from e-waste experts.

Currently, there is no subscription fee to become an RGX member.

Membership Details

Creating a vendor account includes:
  • Unlimited Quotes
  • Ongoing Company Marketing
  • Industry Education and Awareness
  • Access to Premium Customers
  • Multiple Users and Site Access

It's easy to get started! Create a Vendor Account

Transaction Fees* RGX charges a minimal transaction fee per posted project. The transaction fee is a percentage of the transaction charged.

* Subscription and transaction fees are subject to change.